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Movie Authentic Feel

Dynamic Player Experience

Fate of the Galaxy is a free, first-person space combat game set in the Star Wars Original Trilogy. Our goal is to deliver compelling flight action that captures the look and feel of the movies.

Play the game your way with engaging combat and campaigns, custom settings, mission creation tools, and more. Check out the Features section for more detail.

The game is under active development using the open-source FSO space combat engine.

FotG Screenshot

In-game Screenshot

Fate of the Galaxy game play and visuals are tuned to the Original Trilogy movies as closely as possible and optimized to run well on Linux and PC.

Game Features

Choose Your Path

Choose to play as a pilot for the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Empire, or as an independent neutral adventurer/privateer. Play interconnected story campaigns, stand-alone-missions, and even quick multiplayer matches for all factions.

Custom Controls

Tune the game to suite your own style with multiple customization and difficulty settings. Playing with multiple joysticks? The game supports using up to four separate devices for controls. Playing with just a mouse and keyboard? Use the in-game toggle to allow your mouse to make wide sweeping turns in maneuver-mode then switch back to aiming-mode to land precise shots.

Creative Capabilities

Fate of the Galaxy comes with a feature-rich, open-source mission editor. With this tool you can create your own custom missions with full creative control and even share your work with the community.

Optimized for Many

Game visuals are tuned to the Original Trilogy and have been highly optimized to support large battles that run smoothly on Linux or PC. Even players that do not have a dedicated graphics card can still play the game smoothly if they adjust a few graphics options.

Friendly Community

We support a friendly community with close ties with other volunteer mod and game projects. Come hang out on our Discord channel or check out the mod details on our wiki and newsletters on our forum.

Open-source Engine

Fate of the Galaxy uses the FSO engine, an open-source space combat game engine that many other volunteer game projects use. These include games based on Battlestar Galactica, Star Fox, Wing Commander, and even new galaxies/worlds.